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AJ Callan is Best Known for his style of Piggy Bank Images..

AJ Callan was born in Scotland (Glasgow) in the summer of 1958 and spent the early years of his life surrounded by the confidence of the “swinging 60’s” Britain, with images of the Beatles and Carnaby street with jobs for all. Always exposed to new ideas of sound, fashion and ideas, people were urged to let their minds run free. As a child AJ Callan really concentrated on drawing and painting, always content sitting with a sketchbook for hours, but mixed with playing football with other children. His mum was the main reason he was interested in art, being a big fan of doing crosswords, whilst working out cryptic clues she would often doodle across the page.

When he was at school, AJ Callan enjoyed his art lessons and really looked forward to them, almost as much as he enjoyed his lunch break. In most daily situations he tries to take mental snapshots of varying subjects, things like a passing glance between people and people’s different reactions. AJ Callan often has times when he will sit there, sometimes with a glass of wine and brainstorm ideas for his pieces; he says it’s amazing how many of these snapshots he can remember and then can use in his sketches, with his work combining imagination and reality which you can see in his finished works of art. His inspirations are quite varied, from reading about Leonardo Da Vinci whilst studying art to watching the animation of the yellow submarine as a boy. AJ Callan’s aim is to create art which gets a nice feeling from the person looking at them, recreating the feeling he gets whilst painting them. By nature he is an optimistic, positive person, the glass is half full kind.No Artworks Exists
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