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Born in Hampshire, Louise Dear grew up traveling with her artistic parents and after a while, her family settled back in England in a Hampshire cottage in the countryside.
Inspired by her mother and her grandfather before her, Dear was actively encouraged to be artistic and eventually went on to study fashion at Medway College of Art & Design.
Upon graduation, Dear and her boyfriend purchased a 1963 Bedford Ambulance, painted it Honey Pink and left to travel around Europe and North Africa.

They returned back to England in 1987 but promptly flew to India and didn't return again for another seven years. She continued to travel through South East Asia and on to Australia, setting up home with her boyfriend and working as an Exhibition Designer for Lego. Dear returned back to england in 1993 and gave birth to her daughter, once again going into full-time education. Dear graduated from University College Chichester in 1998 and resettled in Totnes Devon, now working from her Devon studio.

Since then she has been working as a proffessional artist and has exhibited all over the world including in Los Angeles, Sydney, New York and London. Dear has displayed her works in multiple major museums and in many distinguished galleries including the Royal Academy.

Dear's works are incredibly floral in nature, merging diverse and wondrous colours together to form natural patterns and splatter patterns across the image, usually surrounding a female character within the image. The female character is blended in with the splatters and flowers and is often characterised strongly with red lipstick, coming together to form lively works.
Like I Feel It
- Louise Dear
Like I Feel It - Louise Dear
Edition: 95
Medium: Boxed Canvas
WxH: 26 x 26 inches
Mounted: Boxed Canvas
409.00 (490.80 Inc: VAT)
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