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Adam Barsby was born in 1969 in of Leicester, growing up he displayed artistic talent even at a young age and upon reaching his university years he undertook a degree at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Maidstone. Graduating in 1992 with first class honours he worked on multiple freelance projects for Art Galleries and magazines, all the while developing his skills and personal style, eventually becoming a full-time professional artist in 1996.

Confident and proud of his work, Barby's attitude was soon rewarded with invitations to exhibit his works in many galleries throughout the UK, meanwhile the launch of his range of limited editions and original silkscreen prints insuring his success in the artistic world. His first major exhibition being in London at the Harrods Picture Gallery in 1998 and attended by a vast number of guests and VIPs, his success was insured even further.

Despite his young age, Barsby had already gained a large amount of fame and he was awarded the John Solomon Trophy for being the best selling artist of 1998, the best up and coming artist for 1999 and the best selling artist of 2000 by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Barsby's original paintings to this day still have a huge demand and his limited editions rapidly sell out upon publication. Lately, Barsby has been working on a line of sculptures based on the characters from his already existing artwork.

Barsby's art style is distinctive to the children's story book style with vast skies and seas and bright colours, the perspective often being distorted often to an almost orthographic point of view. Colour wise the contrast is strong, silhoettes of people in streets and scenes appear blocky but realistic with a strong sense of life but not detracting from the tranquility of the rest of the piece.No Artworks Exists
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