Jon Nash

Jon Nash
Says Jon:
'Ocean yacht racing is one of the most diverse- exhilarating and challenging of all sports; from the lonely commitment of the single-handed yachtsman- to the fully crewed teams of corporate yachts- racing tens of thousands of miles across some of the world’s cruelest seas. Ocean sailing is a supreme test of skill and determination of the yachtsmen/women who undertake these adventures.

Jon understands sailing- he understands working with the crews. Sailing poses many challenges to the photographer often working in cold- wet- salty inhospitable environments with highly pressured- focused crews who aren’t interested in accommodating a photographer. Capturing the moment without compromising the situation is an art-form in itself. With over a decade of experience of working with professional race crews in the worst conditions the oceans can throw Jon finds the balance between being stealthy- getting the shot- lending a hand when necessary and still managing to express the power and elegance of the sport through his imagery.'
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