Kealey Farmer Art

Born and raised in Derbyshire and spending most of her childhood painting, drawing and doodling, it was inevitable that art was going to become a big part Kealey’s life.

These designs naturally evolved and Kealey began working on her ‘Energy Collection’. These were inspired by dream-like images based on how you feel rather than what you see around you, fluid pieces with no beginning and no end and using colour theory to focus on moods. She then started to incorporate new forms of mixed media such as hand cut glass and Swarovski crystal embellishments.

Her recent collections are on a much smaller scale featuring multi-coloured trees and flowers, with a more romantic twist with the use of hand made hearts.

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  1. Get Together
    Get Together Kealey Farmer
    £420.00 £350.00
  2. The Secret Garden
    The Secret Garden Kealey Farmer
    £470.00 £391.67
  3. Woodland Spirit
    Woodland Spirit Kealey Farmer
    £480.00 £400.00
  4. Letting Go
    Letting Go Kealey Farmer
    £390.00 £325.00
  5. Road Home
    Road Home Kealey Farmer
    £390.00 £325.00
  6. Transformation
    Transformation Kealey Farmer
    £490.00 £408.33
  7. Together Again - KF
    Together Again - KF Kealey Farmer
    £325.00 £270.83
  8. Everlasting
    Everlasting Kealey Farmer
    £385.00 £320.83
  9. Hope Flies
    Hope Flies Kealey Farmer
    £295.00 £245.83
  10. Side by Side - KF
    Side by Side - KF Kealey Farmer
    £365.00 £304.17
  11. For You
    For You Kealey Farmer
    Special Price £265.50 £221.25 Regular Price £295.00
  12. Serenity Found
    Serenity Found Kealey Farmer
    £425.00 £354.17
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Items 1-12 of 51

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