Keith Maiden

Keith Maiden

Born in Wolverhampton, Keith Maiden turned down the opportunity to attend art college at 16 in favour of earning a living to help his parents. 

He began his career as a shop fitter and factory worker, but it was on visiting a local printers to have his sketches photocopied that he was offered a job as a graphic designer. Keith went on to work as a designer for international retail brands. 

However, it was a mere three years ago, following a move from London to Shropshire, that he picked up a pencil and sketchpad for the first time in 20 years. Keith decided to sell his new work at a local market and word started to spread about his art, which earned him much success and the rest, as they say, is history. 


Keith's works are built up in layers, seven or eight in total, which he starts by creating light areas in white acrylic, using a brush, pallet knife and his fingers. He then adds layer upon layer of graphite, acrylic, enamel and then pastel. 

Keith explains how his work is, "very raw, which is deliberate; I am not after perfection or realism. I paint from the heart, and strive for emotion and feeling in my work". 

His technical ability and natural sensitivity shows in his depiction of the feminine form, effortlessly creating depth above and beyond the surface. 

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