Kerry Darlington Art

Following University she worked in S.America before returning to the U.K. to work as a designer and illustrator for an exclusive company, specializing in sculptured clay murals for private residences in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates and the U.S.A. 

Kerry now works independently from her studio at home in North Wales, using all of these influences and her flexibility to create pieces of art in a variety of subjects.

Kerry worked for years in pen and ink perfecting her drawing skills before diversifying into watercolours and later, a variety of mediums, acrylic and oil. Following her experience with the clay murals, she became interested in painting upon heavy textures and experimented widely to produce original effects.
Her acrylic paintings are uniquely formed upon board or canvas first, using
textures and gesso. The colour is then built with several transparent layers to create depth. Her abstract pieces were initially based upon satellite photographs of Earth which created the 'Volcanic' Collection in 2005/2006. This has since diversified to include contemporary landscapes and figure-work, all carrying her unique style.

Her work has become increasingly sought after by collectors, in 2007 she was a finalist in the 'Best Up-and-Coming Published Artist' category in the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards, as voted by UK Galleries. Since then she has become one of the bestselling artists in the U.K. with commercial work being exhibited in many galleries.

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  1. Hoots and Chirps
    Hoots and Chirps Kerry Darlington
    £995.00 £829.17
  2. Look For The Light
    Look For The Light Kerry Darlington
    £1,195.00 £995.83
  3. Waterfall Skies
    Waterfall Skies Kerry Darlington
    £1,095.00 £912.50
  4. Folk of the Fae Tree
    Folk of the Fae Tree Kerry Darlington
    £895.00 £745.83
  5. Summer Nectar
    Summer Nectar Kerry Darlington
    £725.00 £604.17
  6. Keeper of Dreams
    Keeper of Dreams Kerry Darlington
    £840.00 £700.00
  7. Astral Storylines
    Astral Storylines Kerry Darlington
    £695.00 £579.17
  8. Becoming Nobody
    Becoming Nobody Kerry Darlington
    £695.00 £579.17
  9. Internal Reflection
    Internal Reflection Kerry Darlington
    £795.00 £662.50
  10. Lost Worlds
    Lost Worlds Kerry Darlington
    £995.00 £829.17
  11. Twilight Symphony
    Twilight Symphony Kerry Darlington
    £795.00 £662.50
  12. Flight of the Dragons
    Flight of the Dragons Kerry Darlington
    £1,190.00 £991.67
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