Sakko’s paintings represent the two worlds he knows best; the fascinating Middle Eastern cities of his childhood- and modern London where he now lives and works.

Sakko still has the greatest respect for the history and culture of his background- particularly in the juxtaposition of the old and the new. This combination of ancient and modern pervades both the inspiration and the execution of his radiant cityscapes. Their vibrant golds- ochres and midnight blues recall the dazzling illuminations in ancient manuscripts- while his highly contemporary approach to form and style places these works firmly in the 21st century.

Although he started life on a more conventional career path- Sakko’s obvious talent led him in a different direction- and he now devotes himself full-time to painting. His loose impressionistic style and rich palette betray the influence of Cezanne- an artist who has always fascinated him- and like Cezanne his work has both great beauty and immediacy. In the early days he worked on canvas- but now he paints directly on to perspex in oils or acrylics. His unusual technique requires him to paint the image in reverse so it can be viewed through the reflective surface rather than on it- which gives a depth and lustre to each of his luminescent images.

Sakko’s work has been the subject of many successful solo exhibitions all over Europe.
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