Sergio Mooro

Sergio Mooro
From the age of five I have felt an urge to create. Inspired by the beautiful yellow paper in my father''s special edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica- I felt compelled to meticulously fill the pages with my drawings. Eventually I was discovered and punished. It was my first lesson regarding vocabulary in art: urge- pleasure and pain.

Much later I received my M.A. from the ‘College of Fine Art’- Madrid- specialising in painting. Since my graduation I was always following the career of the professional artist- aspiring to make a living from my art. To begin with it was very hard and complicated. I moved first to Geneva then to Los Angeles teaming up with different galleries- and occasionally painting backdrops and props for Theatre. Eventually I collaborated with so many people on such a wide variety of projects- travelling frequently between Europe and USA- that my wife mockingly named me the ‘Soldier of Fortune’.

In October of 1988 I started collaborating with Nicholas Treadwell Gallery and moved from Madrid to London. In 1991 we parted company but I decide to stay in London because- by that time- it radiated a unique energy. It was an extremely creative period for all forms of visual arts.

At the end of nineties I had my first meeting with Glyn Washington and Paul Green. They visited my studio in central London and we clicked instantly- yet it took us another couple of years to start working together. I hope that the rest will be history.
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