Steven Townsend

Steven Townsend
Steven Townsend is a completely self-taught artist of exceptional talent. Born in 1955 Steven is married with four children and currently resides in Lancashire- England.

Prior to joining Northern Editions in 1993- Steven''s early work revolved around Wildlife and Landscape painting. He subsequently changed direction to his now famous dog pictures that continue to sell out on publication.

After several increasingly successful years- Steven has returned full circle adding African wildlife subjects to his fantastic range of limited editions.

Steven draws inspiration from classical music; his favourites being Mahler and Chopin. He has spent much time studying the works of several timeless- great impressionist painters- particularly enjoying the work of Peder Monsted and Bruno Liljefors.

Steven''s faith has proved to be a cornerstone of his dedication and ability. Many customers are unaware that hidden in each and every picture he produces the initials JTC (Jesus The Creator) appear- affirming his belief.
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