Tim Bulmer

Tim Bulmer
Tim was born in Northumberland in 1958- educated at Sedbergh and later graduated from Wimbledon School of Art with an honours degree in Theatre Design. Initially employed by a theatre company designing sets and arranging special effects- and later working in a variety of galleries- Tim’s early career offered ample opportunity for him to indulge his two main interests - painting- and the observation of human behaviour!

Tim’s celebrated style has a broad appeal. His work has been displayed nationally and internationally for several years and he has been officially named as the Harrods Picture Gallery’s most popular artist. His success has led to commissions for a number of corporations- top flight restaurants (including Gary Rhodes’ Greenhouse) and bars- card collections and of course individual collectors.

When asked to describe his artistic style- Tim points the same ruthless spotlight at himself as he does at his subjects- saying simply that “…a wry observation of life and an unwillingness to take anything seriously” more or less sums up his work- typically forgetting to mention the imagination and artistry that characterises each of his images.

Tim’s overwhelming rise in popularity was reflected when he scooped the Fine Art Trade Guild’s Best Selling Original Print Artist award in May 2001.

"I am fascinated by the incredible diversity of life… and am constantly inspired by the fact that it always seems a whisker away from farce.”
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