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Todd White

Todd is a tireless observer of detail, constantly keeping track of figures, faces and features. He is apt to be seen people-watching - hastily jotting down ideas for his artwork on napkins and even tablecloths. His artworks may feature scenes from everyday life but his distinct viewpoint changes the way we look at people and the roles they play. He is especially drawn to body language, using its fine distinctions to document our internal struggles between what we reveal and what we try to conceal.

In 1969, Todd was born in Texas and he later moved to Hollywood in his twenties. Gaining experience in animation, he joined leading production studios across America. His career eventually took him to the lead team for the renowned series SpongeBob SquarePants. As Todd's artistic style grew, his method became more defined by experimenting with colours and concepts. He now names each piece before creating it, visualising faces and personalities along with a particular story behind them. His technique is to conceptually see a story in his head before painting begins; every element that isn't necessary to the tale will not feature on the canvas.

Todd has always been fascinated by the way that hands can speak volumes and act as a powerful tool for actors to showcase their emotions. He states that "anyone's hands offer an insight into their state of being, likened to facial expressions".

In 2007, Todd was selected from hundreds of contenders to be the Official Artist of the GRAMMY® Awards - a highly-esteemed music celebration. Two years later, Warner Bros. invited him to take part in a blockbuster exhibition in honour of the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. 2010 saw Todd collaborate with Coca Cola to produce limited edition bottles and cans, each imprinted with his exclusive logo - an unprecedented tribute from Coca-Cola to a fine artist.

In 2011, Todd was presented with the Diana Princess of Wales Gold Medal - a major honour given by the United Kingdom. He was recognised for donating his portrait of the Princess to the Diana Awards charity, and became the only American out of eleven recipients in total to receive it. To mark this milestone, Todd made a special trip to London for the ceremony.

After a series of incredible performances in the UK, Todd headed home to the US to find even more fame and success. His art has become one of the world’s most sought-after and profitable works by a living artist.

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  1. Nasty Habits
    Nasty Habits Todd White
    £1,390.00 £1,158.33
  2. We Love to Drink
    We Love to Drink Todd White
    £1,690.00 £1,408.33
  3. Ski Haus
    Ski Haus Todd White
    £1,690.00 £1,408.33
  4. Devils on the Wine
    Devils on the Wine Todd White
    £1,790.00 £1,491.67
  5. Beach Blankets
    Beach Blankets Todd White
    £1,890.00 £1,575.00
  6. My Mouseketeer
    My Mouseketeer Todd White
    £1,390.00 £1,158.33
  7. Bad For Your Health
    Bad For Your Health Todd White
    £1,690.00 £1,408.33
  8. Same Hell Different Devils
    Same Hell Different Devils Todd White
    £1,990.00 £1,658.33
  9. These Cost
    These Cost Todd White
    £1,745.00 £1,454.17
  10. The Voodoo That You Do
    The Voodoo That You Do Todd White
    £1,190.00 £991.67
  11. The Confession
    The Confession Todd White
    £1,195.00 £995.83
  12. Boots Like These
    Boots Like These Todd White
    £1,750.00 £1,458.33
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